quinta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2012

Hello guys! How you doin'? The new adress now is http://www.rafaelsegnini.com. There you'll be able to access this blog, and an entire preview of basically all the jobs I was on!
Thank you very much for the support for all this years!

see you in .com

sexta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2012

Kosher Restaurant

Here are some images I made for an Architectural project of a Kosher Restaurant in the end of 2010.I made the entire image (model, tender, composition, textures etc). That was my very first attempt of rendering with a total new render software. I was producing a video for studying, but never finished it. Maybe one day... hehehe


This is the Google's Street View where it is now under construction:

Exibir mapa ampliado

quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2012

Some changes goin' on

Hello again.
I'm changing the website design and re-formatting some old stuff..
So, don't worry if you see something weird here, or broken links.

quarta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2012

Fiat Fiorino

Hello again! It's been a while, isn't it?
Well, here it is a job I've done for Super Lúdico some months ago. Its a Brazilian Fiorino, for a printed article.
Yes, I made everything... modeling and rendering.
Hope you liked it. And I need to finish the breakdowns for the previous post!
See ya!

terça-feira, 30 de agosto de 2011

"Journaux de Voyage" Valérie Ciriadès Collection Nº 2

Hey fellas! How you doing?
This is something I made for my friends from Cia de Cinema (film by Luigi Dias).
I've modeled a General Electric V8 locomotive, the wagons and rendered both scenes they appear. Post production was made by Daniel Soci.
It is in 2:18 and 2:48. Later I'm gonna post the breakdowns.

Fashion Film produced for Collection Nº 2 from Belgium/Brazilian fashion designer Valérie Ciriadès valerieciriades.com

Written, Directed and Edited by Luiz Gustavo Dias (Luigi)
Director of Photography: Pierre de Kerchove
1st Assistant Director: João Mauricio Leonel
2nd Assistant Director: Luciana Camargo
Original Score by Nick Graham Smith (Pendulum)
Sound Edit & Music by Cabaret
Costumes Designed by Valérie Ciriadès
Casting: Tuca Costa

Make & Hair: Denylson Azevedo
Costume Supervisor: Marcia Granado
Art Director: Luiz Gustavo Dias (Luigi)
VFX Supervisor / Color Grading: Daniel Soci
Post Production: Daniel Soci, Diego Ferrandis, Rafael Segnini
With the Voice of Patricia Coelho
Executive Producers: Maria João Calheiros, Rodolfo Vanni & Luiz Gustavo Dias
Produced by Richard Piccoli

domingo, 5 de junho de 2011

Gaibin Jet Realtime

Hello guys!
I modeled this Gaibin Jet for Jaspion 3D Project, that was in stand by for a while... But this is for gaming or something.
I used gaming 3D modeling techniques and standard shading only for viewport 2.0 in Maya. I'm testing now the CGFX and HLSL shaders for Direct3D and OpenGL, but it's hard to find the shaders files (I'm not a programmer).
Hope you enjoy.

(The Youtube version is here).

sexta-feira, 3 de junho de 2011

Coca-Cola: Soccer Fairy

(this one is an offline preview)

This campaign was for the 2010 World Cup.
I made a lot of the scenario modeling and textures. The third one I made the whole scenario and props.
The second video reminds me how I like easter eggs hehehehe

Agency: Santo Buenos Aires
Creative Directors: Maximiliano Anselmo, Sebastián Wihelm, Pablo Minces
Art Director: Hernán Rebaldeira
Head of Production: José Bustos
Producer Company: Lobo|VetorZero
Director: Mateus de Paula Santos
Executive Producer: Luiz Carlos Reis
Sound Design: Animal Music | La Casa Post

Mix Brasil: Openings

This is the "Sexual diversity" festival vignettes we produced back in 2009. I modeled the city, the logo, the glass ball... everything on this one.

Creative Direction: Marcio Ribas and Wilson Mateos
Creatives: Fábio Astolpho / Eduardo Andrietta / Paulo Lemos
RTVC: Xanna D’aguiar and Fernanda Crespo
Production Company: Lobo
Director: Mateus de Paula Santos
Director of Animation: Guilherme Rizzo
Executive Producer: Alberto Lopes
Animation: Equipe Lobo
Soundtrack: Paulo Beto
Account Management: Silvia Tommasini, Sandra Karila and Thássia Freitas
Client Approval: André Fischer / João Federici / Suzy Capó

SOS Mata Atlântica

Second job I've worked with Lobo. This was in 2005 (got out before Dupont).
I modeled some of the animals (kind don't remember which). And it's so old now that I can't even restore the files to show the Breakdowns hehe...

TV spot for the SOS Mata Atlantica Foundation, a Brazilian NGO working for the protection of the Atlantic Forest, one of the richest and most endangered sets of ecosystems in South America. The organization was then campaigning for a speedy approval of the Atlantic Forest Protection Bill, which was at risk of being filed away.

Dupont: Hi Sci

First job I did for Vetor Zero.
Modeled a lot of stuffs... The Nascar car, the airplane, guitar, gossamer, oven mitt and more..

This was back in 2006

Creative director: Mateus de Paula Santos
Design & Animation: Marcelo Garcia, Cadu Macedo, Carlos Bêla, Paula Nobre, Gabriel Dietrich, Roger Marmo, Diogo Kalil, Mateus de Paula Santos
3D Directors: Gustavo Yamin, Cleverson Leal
Modeling: Rafael Segnini, Alex Liki
Research and development: Ivan Ymanishi, Fernando Faria, Luiz Garrido
Production (Lobo): Loic Lima Dubois, João Tenório
Produced by: The Ebeling Group
Executive Producer: Mick Ebeling
Producers: Dan Bryant, Sue Lee

Works for Vetor Zero - Lobo

Hello guys and girls.
I'm gonna be posting authorized videos for now on from Vetor Zero/ Lobo I've worked in. The videos are from they're own channel on Vimeo and Youtube.
Hope you enjoy.

sexta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2010

Cartoon Network: Reface 2010 Latin America

Hello! Third post of the day... Yeah, I'm inspired today!
Well, I've decided to make this third post when I visited Lobo's website moments ago.

I've done the modeling of a lot of props, hairs, ears etc for this job. So, here is the both videos from Lobo's Vimeo channel, the synopsis and credits.

Between March and August 2010 Vetor/Lobo produced around 580 short films for Cartoon Network, to be aired throughout all of Latin America. This job was an extension of the process started the previous year by the North American branch, who carried out an extensive on-air rebrand based on a concept that employed as a central motif toy art-like dolls called Noods, plain white figurines that can adopt the colors and personalities of various characters from Cartoon Network’s roster. Since the use of this doll design was restricted to the USA, Cartoon Network created a new model to be used in the Latin American package, following the same toy art spirit. Like the original Nood, this figure should also be capable of incorporating numerous network characters. Once we defined the doll’s design, we had to submit to the client an example of how every character starring the spots would adapt to its shape. Only then we started producing all the material, including bumpers, IDs, promos, menus etc. In some of the cases we just had to adapt pre-existing spots, recreating them with the new model. In other cases we received a script, from which we developed storyboards, animatics and then the final animations. Finally, part of the scripts were created by ourselves. All the spots have in common the fact that they show quick comical situations, acted out without dialogue or text in no more than 5 seconds, which presented us with exciting storytelling challenges.

Creative Director: Mateus de Paula Santos
Executive Producer Luiz Carlos Reis
Head of Production: Loic Francois Marie Dubois
Producers: Theo Cardinali, Fabio Barros Trucci
CG Supervisor: Guilherme Rizzo
Modeling: Rafael Segnini, Rafael Martinez, Daniel Ho, Karla Ruoco, Filipe Lopes, Iara Furuse, Cristian Lucas
Rigging: Richard Maegaki, Rogério Miyagi, Henrique de Freitas
Main Animation: Vagner Farias, Rodrigo Souza, Guilherme Gubert
Animation: Helio Takahashi, Marcos Trandafilov, Ivan Oviedo, Alexandre Martins, Jason Tadeu de Oliveira
Fluid Dynamics: Cristian Lucas
Light/Rendering: Gui Rizzo, Roberto Maki, Mauricio Trivelin, Mauricio Pirilo, Patricia Lobo, Alexandre Eschenbah
Texturing: Jannaina Bonacelli, Franciani Roos, Ricardo Riamonde, Ernesto Tani, Michel de Moraes
Texture Animation: Rachel Moraes, Roger Marmo
Rotoscoping: Gassan Abdouni
Compositing: Rachel Moraes
Compositing Assistant: Rafael Martinelli

terça-feira, 15 de junho de 2010

Some vids again

Well, got some Juspion videos again. Those are kind of old, but just to complete the session.

EDIT: Some people are ripping off my Juspion vids!! If you see someone, please contact me. 


quinta-feira, 20 de maio de 2010

Cinema ADS

Hello guys and girls!
One more video I'm proud to have worked in.
Itau Cinema (for DM9)
I made the Turnstile chacarcter (and it's texture). This movie was rendered with Modo, so I was unable to construct any pre-shader for it. But there it is! Enjoy
By the way, if you search the movie credits, my name apeears as "Rafael Conan", as they call me at Vetor Zero.

Agency: Itaú - DM9
Production: Vetor Zero / Lobo
Director: Guto Terni
CG Director: Alexandre Eschenbach
Modeling: Alex Liki, Rafael "Conan" Segnini, Iara Abgalil, Christian Lucas, Alexandre Eschenbach
Rigging: Rogerio Miyagi, Richard Maegaki
Rendering: Roberto Maki, Marco Furtado, Pedro Kobuti , Guto Terni, Reinaldo Furegato
Animation: Marco Tandrafilov, Jason Tadeu, Alexandre Martins, Hugo Takahashi, Helio Takahashi, Ivan Oviedo, Vagner Farias, Alexandre Eschenbach
Composition: Guto Terni, Reinaldo Furegato, Pedro Kobuti e Guilherme Ferreirinha, Ze Eduardo
Executive Producer: Alberto Lopes
Attendance: Roberta Reigado
Post Production: Vetor Zero/Lobo

quarta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2009

Daileon Turnaround

Hey Fellas!
This is the render test of Sentou Kyojin Daileon, for the Jaspion 3D project.
I've been doing this model for a wile, and now it's finished. It wasn't easy cause I wanted to do something really different.
The thing is: I wanted the robot turned into Battleship, like a Transformer. Well, in the 80's Juspion series, there was the plastic model (that was a Battleship that turn into a robot) and the actor who done the action scenes. They were, of course, REALLY different cause, to turn into the Battleship, the robot needed to have the body proportions very different from the human beings. But the actor was human, and so in the action scenes, the robot looked to have a human proportion body. So I tried to find a in-between sense about it, that looked like a human, but also could turn into a Battleship. The result is this model:

People say to me "Well, isn't this Daileon a little bit TOO MUCH dusty and rusty?". Yes, he is, cause passed more than 20 years since his last battle against Satan Gorth. And that's what the story is all about.
Stay tooned ;)

segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2009

Jaspion Again

Just one more screen shot from the animation.
This is Juspion entering Daileon.

quinta-feira, 2 de julho de 2009

Jaspion/ Daileon - Coming 2011


This is gonna be my little tribute to the most popular Tokusatsu exhibited in Brazil - Juspion (Jaspion, for Brazilians)
Coming up (I hope), 2011

terça-feira, 19 de maio de 2009

Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come 1973 cover remake

This is the Album cover of Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come, released in 1973.
So i decided today to remake it, just for fun. Arthur Brown RULES!!!
Yes, it's compressed a lot, but I would have a lot of problems to post the 300 dpi image here.... hehe....

sexta-feira, 13 de março de 2009


Hey guys!
Want a good new? I got one: I've lost my Hard Drive containing 4 years of working! Isn't it lovely?
I'd saved some stuff a little ago, but not all the stuff.. how dumb I am. PWND.
I'm searching for some stuff here... soon I'll post something.

UPDATE October 10, 2010
I've just restaured the HD...
Oh my god, so many memories!!!

quarta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2008

Lego - Go Miniman, Go!

Well, this one was a hard work. Believe me.
(See more in http://gominimango.com/)
We spent 3 months on this movie, but was fun as play Lego.
I made it for Lobo, associate company with Vetor Zero.

I'd modeled 70% of the Lego bricks and pieces, and all of them had low, mid and high versions. I'd made the Death Star II (thanx to Vz programmers who helped me build this). All the Star Wars models made for this movie was approved by Mr. George Lucas himself, and I've been really happy he'd saw something I've made HAH!

Lego Death Star II

Here it is... We decided to make this very different from the original Lego Death Star II from "The Return Of The Jedi" collection. We thought our version would be prettier.

The “Go Miniman Go” spot was created by agency Pereira & O’Dell in 2008, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the famous minifigure that goes together with LEGO building blocks since 1978.

The script stitches together a series of cultural and historical references from the past three decades, like the movies “Star Wars” and “Saturday Night Fever”, the emergence of hip-hop culture and the fall of the Berlin wall, portraying them with LEGO blocks and minifigures.

Despite the ambitious concept, our intention was to create an exciting and fun spot, one that didn’t feel like a history lesson but rather like a child’s imagination at work, flowing freely from one playing scenario to the next. That’s why, when designing the storyboards, we dedicated special attention to the transitions between scenes, to ensure that the film flowed in a natural, intuitive and also surprising way.

The entire animation was produced in 3D, but we wanted it to feel like a real stop-motion short, made with actual LEGO pieces. What helps convey this feeling is that when it came to animate the Miniman figures we respected their “natural” motion constraints, that is, they never twist or bend more than a real Miniman could. Of course, those self-imposed rules didn’t mean we couldn’t make use of all the possibilities allowed by CGI when it came to animating dazzling camera moves, creating expressive lighting effects, and producing a special stereoscopic version of the spot.

Executive Producer: Alberto Lopes, Sergio Salles
Creative Director: Mateus de Paula Santos
Director: Cadu Macedo
Head Of Production: Loic Francois Marie Dubois
Lead Modeler: Franck Falgueyrac, Olavo Chagas
Lead Render: Franck Falgueyrac
Storyboard: Libero Malavoglia, Cadu Macedo
Modeler: Cadu Macedo, Rafael Segnini, Sergio Rochas, Diego Aragão Maia
Animators: Yuri Lementy, Cadu Macedo, Marco Antonio Trandafilov, Jason Tadeu de Oliveira, Alexandre Martins, Helio Takahashi, Vitor Viela
3D Rendering: Franck Falgueyrac, Olavo Chagas, Ivan Imanishi
Textures: Cadu Macedo
Compositing: Cadu Macedo
CG Script Development: Paulo Nogueira, Ivan Imanishi
Stereoscopic Imaging Consultant: Andre Rosa